Monday, April 05, 2010

the divorce mower

Meg is moving to her new place on Saturday, a day in which I will be taking the boys to a birthday celebration with my side of the family at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Meg's announcement of her impending move led to some urgency in getting some things taken care of before she left, things in particular that I need the van to transport (Meg will be getting the van in the divorce). The thing of particular import today was a lawn mower.

Buying the mower itself was a fairly simple process for me. I have a place I like to go to for servicing needs, and they sell a reasonably good brand of mowers. So I borrowed the van, went to this repair place, and picked one up.

Lawn mowers, it turns out, are kinda expensive. But the lawn mower itself is kinda cool.

Which, I was thinking, is an oddly appropriate metaphor for my feelings about the divorce right now. It's a big financial hit, what with less income, taking on a greater share of the costs for the home, and having to buy all this stuff. But I am left with a living situation that is less conflictual, more full of hope. Cooler.

It is now officially my divorce mower.

Peace to all of you.