Saturday, November 18, 2006


Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and every year I try to put together my thoughts about gratefulness. Usually this has taken the form of an e-mail to good friends of mine. This year, I thought I would try putting it on my blog.

I should note that part of my doing so today, right now, is because I have been inspired by some lovely posts by fellow bloggers, including Magdalene's Musings and More Cows Than People. I could hardly hope to approach their eloquence. Still, the act of giving thanks, of acknowledging gratitude, seems fundamentally important to me. It acknowledges and affirms our connections with people, recognizes the role they play and have played in our lives, in who we are and have become.

So, this year I find myself particularly grateful to:

1. My wife, whose ability to tolerate me, support me, and love me humbles me every day.

2. My two boys, Patrick and Jacob. Having two sons on the autism spectrum teaches me so much about life, about parenthood, about development, about relationships. I am grateful more fundamentally, however, because they are such great kids, who bring such such energy, vitality, love and joy into my life.

3. God, who seems to tolerate me despite all my faults, including my stubborn questions about Catholicism and church attendance. Oh, yeah, and there's the whole "basic source of my existence and the existence of all that is" thing. But I'm sure You get that one all the time.

4. All of my dear friends and family, far and near. I have learned so much, grown so much, from having known you.

5. My new friends I've developed on this strange thing known as the blososphere. I look forward to reading your blogs, getting your comments, and sharing thoughts. I've been inspired, uplifted, and at times saddened by this process. Thank you.

6. My clients, whom I learn so much from every time I meet with them, and whose courage is often remarkable.

7. Developmental psychology. You can read some of my other recent posts if you really want to know more about that one.

Thank you.


more cows than people said...

and i'm thankful for you.

Thanks be to God.

Magdalene6127 said...

I echo MoreCows... Thank you for the good things you are putting out into the unverse.



steve westby said...

More Cows and Mags,

I am honored that you find my writings to be of some value. Blessings to you both for a joyous Thanksgiving.

Rachel Rev said...

Thanks for your beautiful post. I look forward to reading more.

And thanks for your comments on my blog.