Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Til Tuesday

OK, I don't know how many of you will actually remember the semi-obscure band from the 1980's known as "Til Tuesday." I do. It was the group Aimee Mann played for before going out on her own.

Anyway, they had this song called "Voices Carry" -- and I have vivid memories of watching the video for the song in the early days of MTV (say, back when they PLAYED music videos). The song and video is about a woman who is controlled by an aggressive and manipulative man, a man who stifles her independence, her very sense of herself.

There's this scene at the end of the video where they're at some performance at Carnegie Hall. And she just has had enough of being silenced by this guy. So she starts singing. Quietly at first, but continuing despite his protests. Then louder. And louder. Asserting her right to be who she is. Singing despite his protests, his demands, despite all those who are looking askance.

She sings. She asserts who she is, demonstrates her own voice, refuses to be silent.

Maybe its partially because of the age I was when I first saw the video, but to this day I consider it one of the best pieces of visual art I've ever seen.

And now it is finally available on iTunes! Yay!


lorinda said...

That is one of my favorite videos too. Thanks for the blast from the past, Steve. Running off to iTunes to download . . .

I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your insights; they are really helpful to me.

Blessed New Year to you and yours.

steve said...


Thank you again for taking the time to comment! I'm delighted if my thoughts are useful to you. Peace to you.