Sunday, March 04, 2007

A week in review

It was quite a week, I tell you.

First off, the boys fell ill. Jacob just for a day or two of diarhea. Patrick with full-blown flu -- with this really weird pattern of acting mostly OK during the day, leading Meg and I to feel that maybe he was getting better, and then with monster vomitting or diarhea that night. He was sick probably a full week. We did much laundry. He seems to be feeling better no -- no obvious symptoms for the last couple of days. So we're planning to send him to school tommorrow.

I was personally ill myself on Tuesday. Not fun, but it only lasted about 24 hours. So not too much work missed. Meg fell ill towards the end of the week. But, again, her bout of illness was short-lived. We're lucky.

This weekend, I got to experience Patrick (my six year old) going to sleep in my arms again. Holding my hand for comfort as he went down for a nap, cuddling in close. Just looking at his face as he slept. Realizing how perfect he is.

We were just about to get a wireless internet hookup in our home this last week. Then the internet powers that be rescheduled with us. Something about 50 mph winds and a hesitation to put their guys up on our roof to hook up the satellite dish. Something about insurance premiums. And of course I'm glad they did what they did. But I'm still looking forward to getting that setup working. If I understand right, we'll get both the high-speed internet access -- and the cool feature of being able to access the internet anywhere in the house with our laptop.


more cows than people said...

i'm so glad you are all feeling better. and thanks for sharing of the precious moment with patrick. and WOOHOO for high-speed plus wireless on the way! its the best!

bowieacolyte said...

((((((((hugs)))))))) for the boys. What little troopers! That is sooo sweet about Patrick, though. I bet you held him extra long that night. :) Those moments you will hold onto forever.
About the wireless internet thing, I actually didnt know you could get that in your house (I know, I must still be in dinosaur ages). That sounds really great!! Good luck with it and have fun!

Magdalene6127 said...

So sorry for what sounds like a dreadful week (with tiny hints of light and joy, to be sure!).

Peace, friend,


Nicole said...

Glad your family is on the mend. Here's a secret..having wireless internet all over your house rocks! It made us spend more money and go buy a laptop. We officially have more computers than people in our family. Scary.