Tuesday, May 01, 2007

a green notebook

At my four year old's preschool, they did an assignment not too long ago. The kids were asked to consider what they would buy if they were to find a pot of gold. And there were the typical responses, I would suppose -- a pony, a race car, a Nintendo Wii. My son's response? "A green notebook."

Mind you, my son is something of a Blue's Clues fanatic (thus the love of notebooks on which to store the "clues"), and green is his favorite color. So a green notebook probably does strike him as the closest thing to heaven he knows. Even if he does already have a plethora of notebooks (and of a broad selection of colors) at home.

When my wife and I first saw this little assignment, we were amused and perhaps just a little concerned about whether his fascination with Blue's Clues was going just a tad bit too far. But looking back on it now, I find his response humbling.

Perhaps this is because my own choices in the pretend scenario would be so different, so relatively extravagant. I'd pay off the house, perhaps, or buy a new car (a Prius, I tell myself -- hoping to assuage my inner guilt about the environmental impact of purchasing a new car). I'd buy some land and set up a business devoted to serving children with autism. Or I'd establish a school designed to teach dynamic intelligence to children with special needs.

All good things, I suppose.

But my son's response to that question reminds me to take joy in the simple joys of my day to day life -- to relish phone calls from good friends, the smiles and pure excitement my kids give me when I come home from work, the joy of seeing my boys grow and progress in life.

These are my green notebooks. I hope that I never become so caught up in my "plans" that I lose sight of what is truly important.


more cows than people said...

ooh... dang... this is lovely. so sweet. so lovely.

your dreams though, steve, are lovely too.

steve said...

Aw, thanks MC.

Gannet Girl said...

I love your son.

I can use this for a semon illustration someday, right? Because it's wonderful. Although I have no idea what Blue's Clues means.

steve said...

gannet girl,

Please feel free to use this little story if you'd like. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Oh, and if you're curious, "Blue's Clues" is a children's TV show wherein a dog (named Blue) leaves "clues" so the kids can figure out some question -- such as "What is Blue's favorite part of school?"