Tuesday, May 20, 2008


OK, so I just read this article, which I find troubling on a number of levels.

1. The entire notion of having to "hide" those with autism or other disabilities is troubling.

2. The apparent belief of the child's mother that her son has autism and nothing can be done about his behavior is troubling.

3. The idea that a church would file a restraining order against a child is troubling.

4. The mother's apparent refusal to find some sort of mutually acceptable way to worship is troubling.

5. The mother's disregard for the rights of fellow parishioners is troubling.

6. The idea that this is being turned into a battle, with simplistic labels thrown on people is troubling.

7. The way that autism can ravage a young life is troubling.

Peace to you all, my friends.


Alex said...

Our church is facing this issue right now. You would be a great consultant to help us figure out how to make it work...

more cows than people said...

it is a disturbing article all around. i hope you can be helpful to Alex.

Diane said...

I read this. I also read later that this young person and family is now attending a different church.

You are right, it's all around troubling.