Friday, February 09, 2007

computer woes, part II

OK, so here's the thing: I just only bought the computer in 2003. Late in 2003, as I recall. So the bloody thing is only about three years old, really.

The computer repair folks tell me that they've narrowed the problem down to either a defective motherboard or defective CPU chips. The problem is that the kind of CPU chips made for my computer (which, again, is only 3 years old!) aren't made anymore and simply cannot be replaced. And as for the motherboard, it's only produced by Gateway, and it seems they don't produce that model anymore, either. Even if we could find a motherboard somehow to replace the one I have now, there's no guarantee that it would fix the problem (it could still be the CPUs) -- and it would be $150-$200 just for that part alone. And even if it did work, there's apparently a high risk that this problem could keep happening.

Sigh. I'm having to face the fact that I may simply have to get a replacement.

I'm actually tempted to look at getting an Apple. But there's the cost issue for one thing, and...well, I have several rather technical pieces of software (e.g., programs that administer psychological tests), and I worry about their compatibility with an Apple system. Hmm...I'll have to look into that a bit further.

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more cows than people said...

o.k., my last computer was a gateway and i did manage to hold on to it for five years, but not without MUCH frustration. repairs always took forever, and the same things were always going wrong. i wish you could join the apple world. understand the software dilemma though. i still feel for you! And thank you for the very thoughtful sermon feedback. I didn't end up changing the sermon dramatically, but I will be preaching on resurrection of the body again next week and your insights and emphases will be most helpful.

peace to you, more cows.