Thursday, February 08, 2007

computer woes

My computer is ill. Not too long ago, it started making techno-music like sounds right before it freezed up on me. It is currently being looked at in a repair shop.

The bothersome thing is that the same thing happened about 8-12 months ago (fortunately, it was still under warranty at the time and the repair was free). So I worry about doing too much of an expensive repair if I'm just going to have this continue to happen again and again.

I'd really rather just buy a new one if this repair is going to cost as much as I think it might (I'm thinking around $500 for parts and labor). Yuck.

The big problem, really, is that if and when I get a new machine, I'm going to have to find a way to transfer all the songs I've downloaded off of iTunes (oh, and all of my work files) onto the new machine. I do, fortunately, have the hard-drive backed up, but I've never actually had to restore any files. I hope that partis relatively easy.

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