Thursday, September 20, 2007

sick day

So my seven-year-old, Patrick, got up at 3:00 last night, and didn't go back to sleep. He complained of stomach pain, and later that morning, developed diarrhea. His school has a policy that he has to be free of such symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school -- so his ongoing bouts with this throughout today make it apparent that he will not be going to school tomorrow, either.


The unfortunate timing here is that I was supposed to have a bit of free time (or possibly paperwork time) tomorrow morning. Now (unless things change) I'll be either monitoring him to make sure he makes it to the toilet on time -- or changing a great many clothes throughout the morning.

Upon reflection, however, I think that my reaction to this minor setback speaks more about my sense of falling behind a bit at work rather than any major difficulty monitoring him. Heck, I seem to get so little time with him now that he's back in school. I think I will even enjoy it (the parts that don't involve cleaning fecal material, anyway). I may have to come up with a plan for getting more caught up with evaluation paperwork. Hmm....

Peace to you all.


more cows than people said...

you're blogging! yay!

so sorry to hear that patrick is sick. bummer for patrick and a bit for you.

hope you have some good cuddle time or at least one good conversation AND that you don't get whatever he's got.

and... the paperwork will get done. (she says conscious of all she didn't get done this week.)

hey my reiki practitioner suggested a treatment for intestinal distress that she said is the "Jamaican Nurse's" cure for everything. Hot gingeerale- nuke a muke of gingerale and drink it like tea. i did yesterday after my reiki appt and it helped for hours.

might come in handy...

Liz said...

You are a good dad, and Patrick will remember your time with more than he will being sick.

And you know, paperwork will get done when it gets done. People understand that a sick child takes priority.